Traeger Grills

It just makes sense for a meat market to sell grills, doesn’t it? We thought so too. That’s why we became a Certified Traeger and a Certified Saffire Grill Dealer. We wanted our customers to be able to enjoy their meats the way they should be cooked, over real wood. Traeger grills don’t rely on gas or charcoal to fuel their flames, but real hardwood instead.

By burning authentic hardwood pellets, Traeger grills allow you to enjoy the flavors of your food that are only unlocked with real smoke. You have the choice of many flavors of wood pellets, giving you the ability to choose the one that will complement your choice of meat the best. Here are the flavors of wood pellets that are available:

  • Hickory BBQ
  • Mesquite BBQ
  • Apple BBQ
  • Pecan BBQ
  • Oak BBQ
  • Cherry BBQ
  • Maple BBQ
  • Alder BBQ

Saffire Grills are a Kamado style cooker.  there are many advantages to this type of cooker.  One huge advantage is that they can reach higher temperatures and sear a steak, or you can cook low and slow if you want to smoke some boston butts and make pulled pork.  Saffire grills have set themselves apart from many other ceramic grills.  here are some of the main features they offer.

  • Saffire Grills use lump charcoal, and Feature an extra thick (1in) Ceramic construction
  • Ceramic Firebox with wider base for added stability and double ash capacity
  • Enlarged dome for more room to cook larger items or more capacity with multi-level cooking options
  • Wider, thicker steel hardware for added strength and stability
  • Tighter gasket seal for complete fire and temperature control
  • New Stainless steel bottom air control with ember guard precision graduated adjustment guide
  • "Smokin' Chip Feeder" port to easily and safely add wood chips for smoking at anytime. 
  • Lifetime Warranty 

While our South Congaree and Lexington locations stockand sell bags of pellets, all our grills are sourced from our Lexington location. If you’re looking for ways to take your grilling up a notch, a Traeger or Saffire grill could do the trick. Come by Ole Timey Meat Market today to take a look at the many sizes of Traeger and Saffire grills we carry and learn more about the benefits of each type!!!

I love Ole Timey Meat Market. I've shopped here for years and can always count on finding what I need and it is always good! 

Kitsy B. | Irmo, SC