Bacon. Sizzling, savory strips of bacon. And just in case you need any additional motivation to come in and take a look at our selection of pork products, here’s a few more delicious reasons to stop by Ole Timey today: baby back ribs, pork chops, and tenderloins.

Our full selection of pork products includes these cuts and more:

Back Ribs: Taken from the loin between the blade and center section, back ribs are also known as baby back ribs. Contains tender finger meat between bones, and often prepared with rub before cooking.

Bacon: Cured and smoked cuts from the side or belly. A high fat content is responsible for bold flavor and crispiness.

Belly: A boneless cut obtained after spareribs and loin are removed. Unique flavor and great texture.

Blade Steak: Taken from the shoulder, these tender, marbled steaks contain the blade bone.

Chops: Chops are cut from between the shoulder to the hip. The name of the chop typically will reflect the area from which it was obtained.

Country-style Ribs: Removed from the sirloin, and are the ribs with the most meat on them.

Loin Roast: Cut from between the shoulder and the start of the leg. Loin roasts are tender and very flavorful.

Spareribs: Taken from the belly, these ribs are very flavorful and are typically much larger than other types of ribs.

Shoulder: This area is located at the top of the front leg. The shoulder typically contains different roast cuts, and lends itself to use in traditional pulled pork recipes.

Tenderloin: Very tender and signature flavor, tenderloin is almost always prepared with a marinade, sauce, or rub.


My favorite place to visit every weekend. Wonderful cuts of beef, fresh seafood, and an awesome selection of homemade soups and other items. Wonderful family owned business and are always helpful, smiling, and ready to assist with cooking directions, recipes, and special request! I love the feta stuffed chicken breast and the stuffed pork chops when I am in the mood for something easy and don't want to fire up the grill. If someone has never visited, they need to go. Shop early on Saturdays... the last minute grillers all show up late Saturday afternoon!

Judy V. | Lexington, SC