Always fresh and never frozen, our poultry is prepared in-house by our experienced butchers. Chicken, duck, turkey, and even cornish game hen, our poultry products bring a level of convenience and ease to your meal preparation. Here are some of our most popular poultry selections:

Drumstick: Great for frying or barbecuing, drumsticks are great value and delicious whether you batter them or roll them in bread crumbs.

Wing: Perfect for parties, gametime, or anytime. Wings are extremely versatile and can be prepared in any number of ways.

Thigh: Packed full of flavor, thighs have lots of meat and lots of flavor.

Leg: Consists of both thigh and drumstick, legs contain lots of meat and are perfect for slow-cooking or use in casseroles.

Breast or Fillet: Capable of being prepared any number of ways, breasts or fillets often contain the most tender white meat. At Ole Timey Meat Market, we offer stuffed chicken breasts that are ready for cooking.

Whole: Why pick just one part, when you can buy the bird?


We have been shopping at Ole Timey Meat as long as we have been in Columbia, some 15 years now. We can always count on Karl, Mitch, and the whole crew to provide friendly and impeccable service. We have never been able to find the quality of meat or the expert service in any other store locally. If you're not sure how to cook or smoke something they can provide good advice as well. Keep up the excellent work guys!

The Ackermans | Lexington, SC